Endless calm. Your soul and body will be grateful to you ...

Special massage and care programs with specialist therapists and state-of-the-art devices are waiting for you in the spa of our hotel consisting of 1800 m² and 2 floors.             Not only your home, but also your health and life energy is very important to us. As your skin is re-liberated, your tired soul will reconcile with you. You can turn a spa & wellness experience that will increase your quality of life into a routine of your life.             Aeration and hygiene are important in the spa… SPA and baths where water is used intensely are among the areas where the hygiene requirement is at the highest level. In Admiral spa, a real hygiene and ventilation is done with professional systems.             Bath,             Steam room,             Sauna,             Snow Fountain,             Shock Shower,             Adventure Shower,             Teak Tree, Hygienic Floors,             Massage Rooms in 4 Different Designs,             Dressing room.